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Ribbesford Meadows, Ribbesford, Bewdley. Worcestershire. DY12 2TJ

Senior Fixures 2017/18

First team

FAC  05/08/17 15:00 Westfields  Bewdley Town  Not a WMRL Venue - check with home club  L 3-1
WMP  08/08/17 19:45 Pegasus Juniors  Bewdley Town  Old School Lane  W3-2
WMP  12/08/17 15:00 Dudley Town  Bewdley Town  Dell Stadium  W3-0
WMP  19/08/17 15:00 Cradley Town  Bewdley Town  The Beeches - Cradley  D 1-1
WMP  22/08/17 19:45 Tividale  Bewdley Town  The Beeches  L 2-0
WMP  26/08/17 15:00 Smethwick  Bewdley Town  Hillcrest Avenue  D1-1
WMP  02/09/17 15:00 Hereford Lads Club  Bewdley Town  County Ground  W 3-0
FAV  09/09/17 15:00 Bewdley Town  Rugby Town  Ribbesford Meadow,  L4-1
WMP  16/09/17 15:00 W'Ton Casuals  Bewdley Town  Brinsford Stadium  L4-2
WMP  19/09/17 19:45 Bewdley Town  Wellington  Ribbesford Meadow,  L4-1
WFAU  26/09/17 19:45 Bewdley Town  Pershore Town  Ribbesford Meadow,  W5-2
WMP  30/09/17 15:00 Bewdley Town  Black Country Rangers  Ribbesford Meadow,  W7-1
WMP  03/10/17 19:45 Bewdley Town  Dudley Town  Ribbesford Meadow,  W5-1
WMP  07/10/17 15:00 Wellington Amateurs Bewdley Town Ribbesford Meadow,  W2-1
WMP  10/10/17 19:45 Bewdley Town  Hereford Lads Club  Ribbesford Meadow,  W3-1
WMP  14/10/17 15:00 Wednesfield  Bewdley Town  Cottage Ground,  D2-2
SMCC 17/10/17 19:45 Stratford Town Bewdley Town MoodChimp Stadium W4-2
WMP  21/10/17 15:00 Bewdley Town  Dudley Sports  Ribbesford Meadow,  W3-1
WMP 24/10/17 19:45 Bewdley Town Malvern Town Ribbesford Meadow, L6-2
WMP  28/10/17 15:00 AFC Bridgnorth  Bewdley Town  Crown Meadow  W2-0
WMP  04/11/17 15:00 Bewdley Town  Shifnal Town  Ribbesford Meadow,  W5-2
WMP  11/11/17 15:00 Bewdley Town  Tividale  Ribbesford Meadow,  Postponed
WMP  18/11/17 15:00 Bilston Town Community  Bewdley Town  Queens Street Stadium  W2-1
WMP  25/11/17 15:00 Black Country Rangers  Bewdley Town  Halesowen Town F C  L4-1
WMP  02/12/17 15:00 Bewdley Town  Stone Old Alleynians  Ribbesford Meadow,  W3-2
WMP  06/01/18 15:00 Bewdley Town  Smethwick  Ribbesford Meadow,  Postponed
WMP  13/01/18 15:00 Stone Old Alleynians  Bewdley Town  Wellbeing Park  W3-0
WMP  20/01/18 15:00 Bewdley Town  Pegasus Juniors  Ribbesford Meadow,  Postponed
WMP  27/01/18 15:00 W'Ton Sporting Community  Bewdley Town  Pride Park  Postponed
WMP  03/02/18 15:00 Bewdley Town  W'Ton Casuals  Ribbesford Meadow,  Postponed
WMP  17/02/18 15:00 Wellington  Bewdley Town  Wellington Playing Field   L1-0
WMP  20/02/18 19:45 Bewdley Town  Wellington Amateurs  Ribbesford Meadow,   
WMP  24/02/18 15:00 Dudley Sports  Bewdley Town  Hillcrest Avenue   
WMP  03/03/18 15:00 Bewdley Town  Wednesfield  Ribbesford Meadow,   
WMP  06/03/18 19:45 Bewdley Town  Cradley Town  Ribbesford Meadow,   
WMP  17/03/18 15:00 Shifnal Town  Bewdley Town  Phoenix Park   W4-0
WMP  24/03/18 15:00 Bewdley Town  AFC Bridgnorth  Ribbesford Meadow,   D2-2
WMP  31/03/18 15:00 Bewdley Town  Bilston Town Community  Ribbesford Meadow,   
WMP  07/04/18 15:00 Bewdley Town  W'Ton Sporting Community  Ribbesford Meadow,   
WMP  14/04/18 15:00 Ellesmere Rangers  Bewdley Town  Beech Grove Playing Fields   
WMP  21/04/18 15:00 Bewdley Town  Tividale  Ribbesford Meadow,   


Reserve Team

WM2  12/08/17 15:00 Wonder Vaults  Bewdley Town Reserves  Hadley Stadium  W 4-2
WM2  19/08/17 15:00 AFC Bilbrook F C  Bewdley Town Reserves  Pendeford Lane  W 4-2
WM2  26/08/17 15:00 AFC Broseley  Bewdley Town Reserves  Birch Meadow  D 1-1
WM2  09/09/17 15:00 F C Darlaston  Bewdley Town Reserves  Hall Street  D2-2
WFJU  16/09/17 15:00 Bewdley Town Reserves  Feckenham F C Ribbesford Meadow,  D4-4 (lost 5-3 after penatlties)
WM2  23/09/17 15:00 Market Drayton Town Reserves  Bewdley Town Reserves  Greenfields Sports Ground  W4-0
WM2  30/09/17 15:00 Oldbury United  Bewdley Town Reserves  Bluebell Road  W4-2
WM2  07/10/17 14:00
Bewdley Town Reserves 
Warstone Wanderers  Ribbesford Meadow, W10-2
WM2  14/10/17 14:00 Bewdley Town Reserves  F C Darlaston Ribbesford Meadow,  W3-1
WM2  28/10/17 14:00 Bewdley Town Reserves  W'Ton United  Ribbesford Meadow,  L2-1
WM2  04/11/17 14:00 AFC Bridgnorth Development  Bewdley Town Reserves  Crown Meadow  W7-1
WM2  18/11/17 14:00 Bewdley Town Reserves  Wonder Vaults  Ribbesford Meadow,  W3-1
WM2  25/11/17 14:00 Bewdley Town Reserves  AFC Bridgnorth Development  Ribbesford Meadow,  Postponed
WM2  09/12/17 14:00 W'Ton United  Bewdley Town Reserves  Prestwood Road Sports Stadium  Postponed
WM2  16/12/17 14:00 Bewdley Town Reserves  AFC Bilbrook F C  Ribbesford Meadow,  Postponed
WM2  23/12/17 14:00 Church Stretton  Bewdley Town Reserves  Russells Meadow  D2-2
WM2  30/12/17 14:00 Bewdley Town Reserves  Sikh Hunters Ribbesford Meadow,  L3-1
WM2  06/01/18 14:00 Warstone Wanderers  Bewdley Town Reserves  Aldersley Leisure Village  Postponed
WM2 13/01/18 14:00 Sikh Hunters Bewdley Town Reserves   D0-0
WM2  27/01/18 14:00 Bewdley Town Reserves  Market Drayton Town Reserves  Ribbesford Meadow,  Postponed
WM2  03/02/18 14:00 Ludlow  Bewdley Town Reserves  Ludlow Football Club  L5-4
WM2  10/02/18 14:00 Bewdley Town Reserves  Rock Rovers  Ribbesford Meadow,   D2-2
WM2  17/02/18 14:00 Bewdley Town Reserves  Oldbury United  Ribbesford Meadow,   D2-2
WM2  24/02/18 14:00 Bewdley Town Reserves  Gornal Colts  Ribbesford Meadow,   
WM2  03/03/18 14:00 W'Ton United  Bewdley Town Reserves  Prestwood Road Sports Stadium   
WM2  10/03/18 15:00 Bewdley Town Reserves  Church Stretton  Ribbesford Meadow,   
WM2  13/03/18 19:45 Bewdley Town Reserves  AFC Bridgnorth Development  Ribbesford Meadow,   
WM2  17/03/18 14:00 Bewdley Town Reserves  AFC Broseley  Ribbesford Meadow,   
WM2  24/03/18 14:00 Sikh Hunters  Bewdley Town Reserves  Aston University Recreation Centre   
WM2  31/03/18 15:00 Rock Rovers  Bewdley Town Reserves  Mereside Community Centre   
WM2  14/04/18 15:00 Gornal Colts  Bewdley Town Reserves  Pendeford Lane   
WM2  28/04/18 15:00 Bewdley Town Reserves  Ludlow  Ribbesford Meadow,